Here's a simple example of the JW Image Rotator embedded in a page. Copy-paste the source code and put the files on your site to get started.

Get the Flash Player to see this rotator.


The easiest way to get going with the imagerotator is by copy-pasting the source code of this page to your site. Also make sure to copy-paste the .swf, .js and .xml file to your website. Plus your images of course...


The Image Rotator is licensed under a Creative Commons License. It allows you to use, modify and redistribute the script for free for noncommercial purposes. For corporate use, please apply for a commercial license!


  1. All supported flashvars (variables) you can set to customize the imagerotator.
  2. All supported playlist formats you can use, plus some implementation info.
  3. A tutorial on embedding flash items in your site.
  4. A tutorial with all functions of the javascript API.