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Tiffani Scalzo, Marketing Strategist

Tiffani Scalzo

Lead Marketing

That’s Tiffani with an “i.” One of three team members with the same namesake, she is affectionately known as Barefoot Tiffani, on account of her Italian surname. She uses her passion for writing and design to spread the love of Jesus, whether she is serving our clients or creating inspirational content for her side hustle, Verse+Virtue. Tiffani is active in her local church, serving on the prayer and connections teams. Her husband’s wry sense of humor is the perfect complement to her straightforward approach, and together they enjoy life with their sweet (sometimes sassy) twin daughters.

Fun Facts:

Madelyn and Mirabel are monoamniotic twins, a rare and risky type of identical twins. Mom spent two months in the hospital before their birth, and the girls spent another two months in the NICU, but today they are healthy and thriving!

Tiffani is currently pursuing her Master of Theology degree with a focus on spiritual formation and biblical counseling.

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